I had trouble transitioning from pool swimming to open water swimming.  Megan was a tremendous help in teaching me rest and relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety while swimming outdoors. We met at Walden Pond once a week for a few weeks and I went from being anxious about open water swimming to being totally addicted to it!  Being able to swim in triathlons comfortably is only one of many reasons to enjoy outdoor swimming. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a proficient, fast swimmer or a novice, Megan will help you learn to enjoy the experience of swimming outside.
--Emily 2010
Last year at almost 51 years young I got the idea to start training for triathlons, but I couldn’t swim and since the age of 13 I didn’t spend too much time in the pool.  I started to train at the end of July 2011, and now I can do a nonstop swim of 3000m in the UL pool in Limerick - Ireland.  But for most triathlons you have to swim in open water and after some trainings and a non finished “Hell of the West“ I found out that I had severe open water fear.  My wife found the "triswimbuddies" on the internet, so I contacted Megan per email at the end of June 2012.  Megan proposed to talk via Skype.  Megan understood immediately my problems and I got some very useful tips during our conversation.  The result is that only 3 weeks later I reached the "unreachable" blue buoy at 350m from the shore in Lough Derg at Two mile gate.  Could you all imagine that boost for my self confidence?  Thank you so much, Megan. 
--Guido T, Killaloe - Ireland  2012
Megan is a supportive, energetic, positive teacher. She can help you get past any fears you may have and she'll have you laughing at the same time!  Every time I swim I still think of the techniques she taught me and I've become a much stronger swimmer.
--Maryann 2009
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me improve my swim stroke.  At first, it seemed like a lot of money to spend (in a sport that gets pricy fast), but one lesson with you pays off every time I get in the water. The two lessons I have taken have dramatically improved my ease of swimming as well as my speed. I can't imagine someone one more suited to teaching. Your comments are so insightful and your way of describing things is so memorable. You are funny and don't take things too seriously, but your dedication to your students and your sport is definitely serious!  You make learning to swim better easy!  Plus, you answer questions about the rest of tri issues, which is so helpful.  I can't say enough how grateful I am that my friend convinced me that I needed swim lessons.
-- Jen E. 2012
I would have classified myself as a decent swimmer before I met Megan, but I had developed a fear of swimming in the open water – particularly the deep water.  As a result, my early enthusiasm for entering triathlons was waning.  However, after I met Megan my fears were quickly diminished.  Megan taught me relaxation techniques, improved my swim stroke, and mapped out a strategy for my first   race of the season.  In only 3 sessions I went from a fear of the water to finishing in the top 5 in my swim heat at my next triathlon.  Megan is fun, enthusiastic and will modify training to your individual needs.
--Jason 2010
I am 53 years old, overweight and out of shape.   I run, I don’t swim.   But, earlier this year my best friend threw down the gauntlet and challenged me to complete a triathlon and I accepted, crazy me.   The very first thing I did was sign up for a small group swim lesson with Megan.   As I said, I am far from being an athlete and I came to the first lesson close to tears, intimidated, worried I would embarrass myself, and with little confidence.   Funny thing was that by the last, fourth lesson I looked forward to going, I was building strength and confidence and…having fun.   More unbelievable to me was that I completed my first sprint triathlon a month later, a huge accomplishment for someone of my caliber.   I was the slowest in my age group but I crossed the finish line.  That was my goal.  A month later I met Megan for an open water swim where she talked me through the wetsuit (on and off) and strategies to swimming in a lake.  She has been a support in the water and through email and if it were not for Megan, and I do not say this lightly, I would not be swimming indoors or out, would not have completed the triathlon, and would not be signed up for another triathlon later this summer.   Her talent, quick wit, natural teaching ability, and her confidence building approach made all the difference to me.  Thank you, thank you!
--Mary 2012
Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking my swimming so far in what was really very little time.  To think that less than a year ago I had never even swum a single lap (and couldn’t make it all the way across the pool when I finally tried last August!) and yesterday I swam 1.2 miles with enough left in the tank to bike and run for five more hours.  That says a lot about your ability to coach, your persistence and probably most of all your patience.  Oh, and of course your sense of humor too!  I’m sure I would not have stuck with it if we didn’t have so many laughs along the way.
--Jayson 2010
2011 update - In June Jayson completed an iron-distance triathlon!  18 months after we started, Jayson went from one length of the pool to 2.4 miles - great work!
I met Megan through a Max Performance swim clinic, at which I had panicked at about 100 yds out in the water. I wanted to overcome my fears and learn how to become a better swimmer. Through Triswimbuddies, Megan taught me: how to relax while I was swimming; how to develop a more effective stroke; and how to focus on a "mantra" rather than on my fears. I did my first triathlon in September [2011]—not only did I conquer my fear, I actually passed other swimmers!  Megan was right there. She is an awesome instructor and made it fun. I would recommend her for anyone who has any fears in the water and those who just want to hone in their skills.
--Maureen 2011
Thank you again for your invaluable help with the swim. There were plenty of opportunities for me to freak out during the [Buzzard's Bay] race.  However, remembering, and using, the mantras and keeping focused on the things we'd gone over helped me keep my head together and keep swimming. It was glacially slow, and I was thoroughly aware that I wasn't maintaining anything like good form, but I was able to keep going, and actually exceed my expectations. I was expecting to have to stop a couple of times and float, and that never proved necessary.  Thank you for helping me get out of my head and just swim.    
--Bob T. 2012
Thank you so much for helping me successfully complete my first tri.  Just a month ago I looked like a drowning cat in open water, and a few sessions later, I completed a 1/3 mile swim in a choppy ocean and never once stopped to rest on the lifeguard surfboards. I was so nervous but it all melted away race morning when I swam to the first buoy and just concentrated on all the tips you gave me!
-- Andrea 2010
I met Megan at an open water swim clinic two weeks before my first sprint tri.  During the clinic, I found out that swimming was not my forte, being in open water brought about a ton of anxiety and I began to re-think doing the race.  Fortunately, Megan saw my difficulties in the water and wondered if she could help me - and of course, I said yes!  I met Megan a few times before the race and she taught me how to basically survive the swim by simple techniques (swimming and breathing), which I used during the race.  The great traits that Megan brought to each training session were her ability to ease your anxiety in the open water by her enthusiasm, her supportive nature and her understanding of your swimming ability.  I was able to finish the swim portion of the race and it became a huge personal achievement for myself - I owe much of this to the help in the early morning hours with Megan at Walden Pond!  If you are a beginner swimmer or one who just needs some tweaking to better perfect their swim stroke, I highly recommend training with Megan as she will definitely help you become a better overall swimmer. Thanks Megan!
-- Justin 2011
Sept 2012 update - Justin just finished his first iron-distance triathlon!